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Influencer Strategy

If you want real results, it takes more than just posting a picture to social media.

the four pillars creating INFLUENCER MAGIC

Ahead of campaign kick-off, Looksee guarantees key performance benchmarks. We can deliver on these promises due to our data-led influencer selection process, content conceptualisation, and approach to optimisation. These systems are shaped by our four pillars to influencer success.

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Exposure, alignment and awareness


Niche audiences, authenticity and sales


Incremental reach, consideration and web-traffic


Frequency, authority and honesty


Captivating, thumb-stopping, emotional triggers


"Behind the scenes" honesty, trust and authority

pillar one: influencer types SELECTION PROCESS

Not all influencers should be treated equal. The key is identifying their strengths and the role each tier will play in addressing your campaign needs. We then shape their involvement based on the agreed campaign benchmarks and minimum performance guarantees. 

pillar two: valuation  VETTING & ANALYSIS

We use analytical tools that critique influencer profiles, evaluates their audience data, and calculates their level of influence. This helps us process the true value of the partner, understand how effective they will be in reaching your audience, and qualifies their role in achieving the campaign goals. 

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pillar three: content concepts 

By analysing content trends, historical campaign data, and social media best practices, we provide concepts and recommendations on how content should look based on the campaign objectives for your influencer types and tiers. Once approved, influencers receive our recommendations and tips, leading to higher converting native ads. 

pillar four: optimising INFLUENCER ACTIVITY

Set and forget programs are not our style. To achieve the full potential of your influencer investment, we constantly test, analyse and tinker with your campaign. Whether it's the influencer types, predicting fatigue, trying new formats or negotiating added value, our goal is always the same: find ways to influence improvements to ROAS.


Which placements are achieving their goals?


How is audience size impacting results?


Does specific content styles earn better ROAS?


Are certain influencer types performing better?


Which audience segments are responding best?


Do certain messages improve campaign results?

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We specialise in driving revenue using influencers. If you have influencers on your mind, get in touch to discuss your goals.

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