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case study one 
Marley Spoon

Since March 2020, Looksee has implemented and optimised the Marley Spoon influencer program. The always-on program uses trusted celebrities through to "grass-roots" social media mums to drive awareness, consideration and sales at set CPA targets. The average lifetime value of customers acquired from influencers is greater than new customers acquired from all other media channels.

Campaigns: 20 

Influencer Partners: 124

Sponsored Content: 5k+


case study two 

To create affordable branded content that could be boosted across multiple media channels, Looksee produced a video cooking series with celebrity chef Hayden Quinn. Supported by a community of smaller "foodie" influencers, we generated significant cut-through and engagement by creating fun, non-traditional recipes using Kikkoman products. Select influencer content was then boosted across multiple paid media formats, including Advanced TV, achieving a 300% increase in video completion rate.

Campaigns: 4 

Influencer Partners: 32

Total Views: 12M 

case study three 
Life Savers

To help increase awareness of Life Savers rebrand and "it's a life saver" ad campaign, Looksee partnered with several comedic influencers to create funny, light hearted video content. To maximise channel investment, forecasted views and predicted cost-per-view were calculated during the influencer vetting and selection process. The results of which helped the campaign achieve a cost-effective $0.02 per video view. 


Video Views: 733K

User Engagements: 58K

Brand Sentiment: 99% positive


case study four 
John Frieda

To demonstrate the benefits of the John Frieda hair care range, Looksee has partnered with a range of trusted lifestyle influencers to use the products and showcase their hair "transformation". From long form Youtube, IGTV, Tiktoks and video stories, campaign influencers have created reach and genuine consumer interest across a broad spectrum of niche audiences. Content achieving strong engagement rates is then repurposed and boosted across additional paid media channels to maximise reach and awareness.

Campaigns: 14

Influencer Partners: 65

Sponsored Content: 210

case study five 
Zero Co

Looksee reinvigorated Zero Co's influencer program by implementing a robust optimisation scheme that incorporated a lookalike rotation strategy and affiliate-paid influencers. In doing so the program can afford premium influencers to drive top of funnel exposure and consideration, while affiliate-paid influencers help reduce the overall CAC. To further improve channel investment, influencer content is boosted as branded content ads across Facebook and Instagram, with some ad sets achieving 6x ROAS.

Influencer Partners: 35

Engagements: 101K

Views: 4.4 M 


case study six 

Looksee has managed and optimised Dinnerly's influencer program since July 2020. The objective of their always-on campaign is to achieve new customer sales at the target CPA goal. Influencer partners, campaign messages and content is constantly reviewed and adjusted based on performance insights and analytics. Program incentives are used to motivate and reward top performers, while a regular lookalike rotation strategy keeps the program consistently achieving the campaign CPA target.

Campaigns: 17

Influencer Partners: 190

Sponsored Posts: 6K+

case study seven 

To help Ticketek create affordable content and build genuine interest of select events, Looksee created a program of VIP influencers who were remunerated with packaged "money-can't-buy" experiences. In return for organic and authentic social media promotion, Partners were offered access to events that interested them, private drivers, backstage passes, premium food and beverage packages. The program was able to build a catalogue of relatable and "real-experience" event content that was then used as ad creative for paid social media advertising.

Campaigns: 3

Influencer Partners: 18

Views & Engagements: 850K


case study eight 

To test new audiences and ways to engage consumers, Jif wanted to move away from traditional personality types (mum influencers), and try something different. While ensuring the sponsored content would still communicate the core product benefits, Looksee partnered with one Marquee personality to create fun, shareable video content that could be published to a broad audience. After all, consumers are 80% more likely to purchase a product after seeing branded content they deemed as "shareable".

Campaigns: 6

Influencer Partners: 40

Views : 2.6M

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