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Looksee Services

We have developed comprehensive methods that utilise all aspects of influencer marketing to deliver best in class social advertising campaigns for brands of all shapes and sizes.   

the different elements of INFLUENCER MARKETING

We don't just work with influential people to create influential content. Looksee combines data with relationship management, social-first creative, audience strategy, paid boosting, measurement and optimisation to deliver impactful word of mouth marketing campaigns at scale.

Influencer Impact

Those who have purchased a product via an influencer recommendation


Memorable Experiences

Purchase intent increases when influencer content is considered "share-worthy"


WOM Works

Consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more-so than traditional advertising


Authentic Reviews

Consumers agree that they trust online reviews more-so than traditional advertising


leverage different styles of influence WOM MARKETING

The best influencer strategies incorporate word-of-mouth marketing initiatives. This is because WOM promotion is by far the leading cause in driving consumer purchase intent. The key is being able to influence WOM promotion at scale.

Looksee has created our own comprehensive WOM community program that will, at a click of a couple buttons, drive genuine buzz and mass hype of your products.

maximise impact of influence PAID MEDIA

Organic sponsored influencer posts only go so far.... achieving the full ROAS potential of your influencer investment occurs once you combine influencer content with the power of targeted paid media advertising.

We use influencers to authentically "spread the word" of your products, then apply paid media targeting, audience building, lookalike segmentation and full-funnelling retargeting to optimise your program and drive revenue.

Branded Content ads

increase consumer purchase intent by


Influencer content ads

Increase engagement rate by


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We specialise in driving revenue using influencers. If you have influencers on your mind, get in touch to discuss your goals.

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