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What type of influencer campaign suit your objectives

Knowing the different types of influencer advertising can help marketers implement the best suit campaign to deliver on their investment goals and marketing objectives.

But as brands and influencers alike explore new and innovate ways to deliver sponsored partnerships in more subtle, authentic ways, it benefits from knowing how the different types and styles of influencer campaigns can be used to maximise success.

Product placement

Your product is subtly placed in the influencers post without direct mention of the product or bran din mention. By tagging the brands in the post, you adhere to necessary disclosure requirements.

Sponsored content

Content that is produced by the influencer in partnership with a sponsoring brand. This could range from a “shoutout” to a full review of the product. By example home and lifestyle blogger creates content of her dinner ritual, and takes users through the experience of Marley Spoon.


Influencers unpack a product from its packaging and show viewers its contents. Influencers generally proceed to use the offering a geneuine review and experience of the product.


Influencers create and publish content with an accompanying hashtag that takes on the theme of the campaign. This theme may be consistent with a broader advertising campaign, and is a strategy to driving frequency of a specific theme or messaging.

Pre-release or product exclusive

While generally coinciding with an unboxing style of content, this is particularly common for highly anticipation technology, gaming or entertainment products.


When an influencer gives thanks or a call out to a brand for the campaign participation.

Giveaway and contests

Another strategy to drive awareness and excitement for a product is influencers giving their fans opportunity to win or sample free products.

Discount code

Not only does this allow brands to track ROI, it incentivised influencer fans into action and deliver an outcome valuable to campaign performance.